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The Abomination that is UltraViolet Digital Copy

by on Nov.13, 2011, under Movies, Technology, The Internet

I take issue with the definition of “digital copy” and write my first post complaining about a Digital Rights Management method. UltraViolet Digital Copy is a streaming format that’s replacing the iTunes/Windows Media Player importable version of digital copies on some combo packages that include a “Digital Copy” along with the usual disc.

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Too Long For Twitter: Tim Curry/Colin Farrel

by on Feb.19, 2010, under Movies

A little story about how Tim Curry and Colin Farrel have become indelibly linked forever (well, at least until I have one of those “Their name escapes me!” moments) in my brain. So you will be in on the joke.

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Spoiler Filled Movie Review: Star Trek

by on May.18, 2009, under Movies

You are strongly advised: If you plan on watching the new Star Trek movie (IX I think … the reboot), don’t read this until *after* you’ve seen it. This review may ruin it for you. It’s good enough to spend money on while it’s in the theater.

Added to it the next morning …

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