Eric Stewart: Running Off At The Mouth

It’s like I forget what I’ve learned …

by Eric Stewart on Jun.04, 2007, under Photography

I can admit that I can easily forget things like what day it is or important dates or stuff like that.  But I tend to pride myself on my ability to learn things and learn them once.  Today’s photography just illustrated that I can do fine with two different concepts but introduce a third and I’m likely to brainlock on that third idea.  I’m kinda disappointed in my inability to change the ISO settings from 100 just because it was a fairly sunny day.  I’m going to have to take the camera back again tomorrow (I had planned on riding my bike, but that’s not conducive to camera transport) to try some of these shots again with the three way changes in settings.

The good thing about today was that someone asked me about SCUBA lessons (one of the topics that I can talk about at length, even though I’m not instructor certified; I can provide copious amounts of advice on how to go about picking an instructor and dive shop), and another asked me about cameras (a gentleman stopped by while I was shooting the ducks).  He calls himself a total novice … and he didn’t seem convinced when I said I’m not much more experienced that he is.

All I can say though is if you hit this blog article and haven’t seen my other “Learning” galleries, please don’t judge my ability on today’s alone.


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