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New Photos Up – Epcot and the Zoo

by Eric Stewart on Apr.29, 2009, under Photography

You’ll notice that some of the tags aren’t … ideal.  They have odd color breaks in them; these two albums were the first where I used ImageMagick to preprocess the images before posting them to It’s Not All Underwater.  To be sure, the pattern I use for the copyright tag will be redone in such a way as to not look so obvious when it’s tiled.

First, while not my first visit, we have the first pictures on the gallery from a visit to Lowry Park Zoo.  You will see many giraffe and meerkat photos here.  Eventually I’ll get around to posting the photos from an earlier visit (I hope).

Also new to the site is another Epcot album for my most recent visit during the Flower and Garden Festival (this past weekend, in fact).  Butterflies and topiaries, and a really cool picture of Daisy (the dog, not the duck) are the key subjects this time through.

EDIT: 20:35 – Got the first Lowry Park Zoo visit photos up!

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