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Verizon FiOS update

by Eric Stewart on Oct.29, 2008, under Home Stuff, Internet Service Providers, Life, TV

Update to my original post:

They’ve expanded their HD Lineup greatly! The only catch is that a lot of channels, even if you get the SD ones, aren’t available by default … and I think they charge a bit more for them.

Also not happy with their support – still don’t have my online account (for viewing my bill, which is currently coming off of my credit card automatically) set up.

DVR space hasn’t really been an issue, as long as you watch your stuff and delete it in a semi-timely manner. In addition, episodes of many shows are available for a couple of weeks after their original airing via the “On Demand” service.

Here’s a list of notables that I’m getting in HD now:

SciFi (although channel quality is slipping IMHO)
Animal Planet


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