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evos: Feel Good Fast Food

by Eric Stewart on Aug.08, 2009, under Food, Life

Burger and friesevos was a suggestion from the lunch gang at work.  They serve burgers (including veggie and turkey), wraps, and salads.  I’ve had the free range burger, fish sandwich, and the turkey burger.  There aren’t many fish sandwiches out there that can match the one I had; the turkey burger was really good; and the hamburger, while far from the best I’ve had, was very good.  The airfries are pretty tasty at half the fat of pretty much every other fast food place out there, and evos offers four flavored ketchups for those fries.  It’s since become an acceptable place to go for me on a regular basis.

Turkey burgerevos airbakes pretty much everything; I’m guessing this cuts down on the grease.  They say their food is “half the fat and calories”.  Of course, this will depend on what you decide to eat and what you put on it (and what you’re actually comparing), but I think you’ll find that the food at evos is at least a little healthier than you’d find at your typical fast food restaurant, without sacrificing taste.

Erika has had the burger – she says it was good, not at all greasy, perhaps a bit dry, but tasted “healthier.”  The fries taste more potato-y but Erika notes that they do contribute a significant number of calories to the meal, if you’re keeping track of your count.  She’s had a banana and berry shake, as well as the chocolate shake.  The banana and berry was good, a little slushy – more like smoothie.  Chocolate shake was much too sweet for her (though she asked for extra protein, and she might try it without next time to see how it tastes).  The chicken tenders, in her opinion, were not greasy at all; the chicken tasted of good quality (“not like chicken nuggets”) and were quite large strips (offered with a variety of dipping sauces).

The only issue I’ve had with the restaurant I go to was one of the choices in their decor.  With my twisted sense of humor, this particular wall covering- well, let’s just say it provided me a couple of opportunities to make tasteless jokes:

Where do they get the food?

Where do they get the food? Just kidding!

Best way to figure out where your closest evos is is to hit their website and check.  Currently they’re in four states – California, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina.

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