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Five Guys: Simply Burgers, Done Right

by Eric Stewart on Aug.16, 2009, under Food, Life

five-guys burgerFive Guys is one of those places (much like Mel’s) that makes me wish I could eat there more often without significantly shortening my life span.  Five Guys does offer hot dogs, from what I understand, but the dominant item on the Five Guys menu is hamburgers.

When it comes to “burger joints”, Five Guys pretty much ties currently with another place (not yet reviewed) for my favorite.  The difference between the two is what you’re looking for in your hamburger. Five Guys is not by any stretch of the imagination “gourmet”: the burgers and their toppings are straight forward and to the point (saying “simple” doesn’t do them justice).

The "Regular" Fries.  The styrofoam cup is superfluous.

The "Regular" Fries. The styrofoam cup is superfluous.

If you have any allergies to peanuts, don’t go to Five Guys – they have them in bulk in open containers, and I think use peanut oil for the stuff that’s fried.  Speaking of fries … again, nothing really all that fancy at Five Guys, except the quantity (well, I lie – you also get to know where they come from).  For a party of two or three, a single order of Regular Fries (pictured) will likely suffice.  One wonders why they bother putting the styrofoam cup in the bottom of the bag with the fries; at least 2/3 of the fries you get aren’t in the cup.  Usually we lay the bag flat and just tear it open.  You’ll see the bags of potatoes piled in the middle of the floor and a chalk board noting the source of the potatoes for the fries.

So – there’s not much more to say on the good side: Great burgers, great fries.

Bad side?

I have had two individuals note to me that the thing missing from the Five Guys menu (at least at the location I visit) are shakes.  One friend actually told me that, when she craves a burger, she also craves a chocolate shake … and Five Guys doesn’t do shakes.  Erika mentioned the same thing, and noted something else on our recent visit as she walked up to get her drink:

“No Zero!?!”

(She’s a fan of Coke Zero.)

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