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Tokyo Sushi (Tampa)

by Eric Stewart on Sep.21, 2009, under Food, Life

Jason's Roll and Dragon Roll

Jason's Roll and Dragon Roll

Sushi is an interesting food.  While there are “standard” rolls that are almost always the same between restaurants, many sushi places do their own custom rolls.  This can often cause some confusion because, while there can be similarities between similarly named rolls, they can often have significant differences (IE, a dragon roll at one place may include items not in a dragon roll at other places, but they both almost certainly will include eel).

So it was that my first visit to Tokyo Sushi had me wondering what I might find.  I had become a rabid fan of a house special roll at another sushi restaurant, and it was going to take a lot for me to switch my preferred sushi spot.  And it happened.

Half gone before I realized I hadn't taken the shot.

Half gone before I realized I hadn't taken the shot.

At first glance of the menu, the prices were notably higher (by easily a buck or two per roll) than the “other” place.  The list of house special rolls, though, is what sells Tokyo Sushi.  While a bit pricier, there is also more variety.  As you see above, they don’t skimp on presentation, either.  I may have seen slightly better, but I have also seen much much worse.  And to the right … well, it speaks a lot for a place that makes me forget to take the picture until I’m halfway done with my meal.

The fish is fresh (a must for any sushi restaurant wanting to stay in business).  They serve Dr. Pepper (a bonus for me).  The wait staff is friendly (and last time I went I didn’t even have to order my drink – it just appeared).  And as of yet, I don’t quite have a “favorite” roll … but the Jason’s roll and the Dragon Roll are good standbys for me if I have a hard time figuring out what I want.

The only negative (and this is not a surprise when it comes to something like sushi) is that, order the wrong two rolls and you could find yourself out easily $5+ more than you would ordering the pricey rolls at another restaurant.  But they’re damn good rolls.

If I’m in Tampa, Tokyo Sushi is where you’ll find me on my sushi days!

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