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Taqueria Monterrey (#2) – Goodly Simple

by Eric Stewart on Sep.26, 2009, under Food, Life

Two Tacos with rice and beans

Two Tacos with rice and beans

Taqueria Monterrey #2 is off of Fletcher Avenue, not too far down the road west of Bruce B. Downs.  It’s always risky when I hit Mexican restaurants – not being a big fan of cheese and also not liking to have to request meals without something they come with by default leads to some minor discomfort.

The food at Taqueria Monterrey makes it worth it.  There’s a kind of “salsa” bar with a variety of spicy, flavorful salsas for you to use with your meals and chips, if you feel the need to add a little extra kick to some already great tasting food.

Pollo asado torta

Pollo asado torta

The two tacos with rice and beans (above/left) is priced right, and is a decent amount of food.  These are “authentic” tacos – no hard shells here.  The only other meal I’ve had here so far is the pollo asado (chicken) torta (sandwich) (pictured to the right).  I would suggest you not order the rice and beans with that – it’s plenty big on it’s own and the price breaks $10 when you do.

One of the other draws of this restaurant to some of my buds is the availability of bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola.  For the uninitiated, Coca-Cola has different mixes of their soda for different areas of the world where their soft drink is bottled.  Note though that you’re getting a bottle, and there aren’t free refills with it.

So, if you want simple Mexican food that, to me anyway, feels authentic, you’ll want to give Taqueria Monterrey a try.

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