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Red Robin: Gourmet Hamburgers and More

by Eric Stewart on Nov.23, 2009, under Food, Life

Blackend Bijou BurgerI’m always on the lookout for a decent burger.  While you can get a really good, no frills burger from Five Guys, you can get something a little more complex from Red Robin.  I’ll admit that this most recent visit’s burger (a Blackened Bijou Burger), while good, didn’t seem to match what I got the first time around – it could have benefited from a few more Angry Onions.  The menu also includes chicken sandwiches, some actual entrees, and a variety of drinks (including alcoholic drinks).

Lettuce Wrap Your Burger

Lettuce Wrap Your Burger

Watching your calories?  You probably know by now that your worst enemy when you’re counting calories is anything bread based … like, say, buns.  Erika got a Lettuce Wrap Your Burger which saves you those 250 or so calories by taking the bun away, and wrapping your burger in lettuce.  My Dad got one too; they both seemed to agree that it does make your burger a little harder to eat, but that it was interesting and quite good.  They also take the fries away and give you a side salad instead. So, if you have access to a Red Robin, I suggest you give it a go.  Both Erika and I came away from the meal feeling full, but not overly stuffed … which is odd when it comes to restaurants in general.  It was not an unwelcome experience, as feeling stuffed isn’t always that good.

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