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Macs, Active Directory, and Multiple Domains

by Eric Stewart on Feb.05, 2010, under Computers, Networking, Technology

I know – it’s been a while. And there are a lot of posts I’d like to make, but for now we’re taking care of some quick business since I ran into this at work and much of this is a copy and paste from an email to my cohorts there.

For a while now, most of the Macs (workstations, anyway) that I’ve had to deal with I’ve put into Active Directory (in Snow Leopard, this is done through “System Preferences” – “Accounts” – “Login Options” – “Network Account Server” – at this point, I usually tell it to give me the directory utility).

We’re doing some coolio stuff at work with remote access and thin client/app stuff. I got myself added to the test systems the day before yesterday, so I didn’t realize what was going to happen, until this morning.

See, even when a Mac is in AD, you can’t specify which domain to authenticate against. Near as I can tell, by default, it:

  1. Tries to find you in the domain the Mac has been placed in (which, since I’m prepping for centralization, is now not the same domain my account is in).
  2. Failing to do so, if it’s allowed by settings, it then goes through the domains in alphabetical order and matches your username up.

Unfortunately, there’s a domain for this app stuff we’re working on, which alphabetically comes before the domain my account is currently in. So I couldn’t log into my Mac as me this morning (at least not with my usual password and account configuration). So, I scrambled for a workaround …

If you look at the “Directory Utility”, you see by default “Services” (the first one being “Active Directory” and where you go to “Bind” a Mac to a domain as well as configure administrative privileges). The next one is “Search Policy”.

The last thing listed is usually “/Active Directory/All Domains”.

It can take a few tries of “+” to get it to show you an actual list of “Available Directory Domains”, but once it does, you can select a domain to “Add” to the list. Click dragging allows you to reorder the list after you’ve added the domain in question.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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