Eric Stewart: Running Off At The Mouth

Where have I been?!

by Eric Stewart on Aug.11, 2008, under Home Stuff, Life

As if you didn’t know.

Yes, I’m still in the middle of moving. The big stuff got done this weekend thanks to Todd (C., for those of you who know a different Todd). It’s scary, ya know, especially with all this money flying out the door and the apartment still mine until October 14. I still have stuff to get at Lowes/Home Depot (and there are ceiling fans I want to replace). No Internet at the house yet – Verizon comes on Friday to set that up.

But there’s still one computer and a variety of other little crap (like, the kitchen) to shift over (and probably a ton of shredding to do). At least Aggie’s in the house, and this weekend we’ll probably go pick up the boys from Erika’s parents.

Lliving Room furniture should be done on Aug. 23 – at that point, I’m hoping to be done-done moving …

September 4 TECO sends someone out to do an energy audit. I’m tempted to get someone out to put more insulation in the attic – I think it’s a bit thin and that thing is a furnace in the afternoons, which I’m sure is putting a strain on the AC.

So eventually I’ll get things going and get a diving page updated – I did a couple of dives a couple of weekends ago and I did take a few pictures. I just haven’t had the chance to get them sorted out.

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