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Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Active Directory, Canon’s “EOS Digital Solutions Disk”

by Eric Stewart on Jul.11, 2008, under Computers, Networking, Technology

So I guess it’s clear that I have some pretty funky setups. Well, not funky, but there’s a lot of parts to the puzzle …

Work provided me with a nice Mac Book Pro (15″), that (less than a year of having it) had it’s 160GB hard drive die.

So, I got it fixed, and installed from scratch Leopard (10.5) and then popped the laptop into work’s Active Directory Domain. I set the laptop to autologin as my domain account, using a “mobile account” copy if I wasn’t able to contact the domain.

As you should also be aware by now, I have a Canon 30D dSLR camera that I take a lot of photographs with. While my main machine at home is XP based, I do take the laptop on trips and have been known to use it as … well, picture storage.

The Canon utilities are pretty good. Handling downloading better than iPhoto in my opinion, and the two photo browsers I’ve come across in them (Digital Photo Professional and Image Browser) show me photo data (such as shutter speed, lens, F-stop, etc) in a side window. So I went to install the Canon utilities (and so far, with my experimentation, it’s version independent), I get this nice little error message:

“Don’t have enough privilege to install. Log in as administrator and try again.”

Thing is, my domain account has administrative privileges.

Here’s my guess, though. My domain account also has a bunch of AD groups that it belongs to. It also gets it’s admin privileges through domain account membership. I think the Canon installer pukes heavily on this. The trick so far is to log in to a local account with administrative privileges.

ADDENUM: Still in the process of rebuilding my laptop, it looks like there may be a similar issue with Microsoft Office 2008’s 12.1.1 Update installer; earlier I had it tell me that Office 2008 (I think the error message was along the lines of “no compatible product installed”) wasn’t installed, when I had just installed the 12.1.0 update not 20 seconds before. This could just be some wierd fluke though. Also note that if your “local account” hasn’t run Office 2008 (IE Word or some part of it) and didn’t do the original installation of Office 2008, MAU 2.0 (if you go digging through the “Library” folder to find it) won’t detect any available updates.


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