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“Safely Remove Hardware” – “Operation has been cancelled”

by Eric Stewart on Jun.11, 2008, under Computers, Technology

“This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.”

It’s not uncommon to see this if you’re a “joe normal” user, usually in a corporate or “Active Directory domain” setting, particularly if there are Nazi-esque adminstrators afoot.

I use “Group Policy Objects” to configure certain permissions on a few public instructional computer labs that I administrate. I got a complaint today that they were trying to “Safely Remove Hardware” (a USB flash drive) and they got the “restrictions” message.

It took quite a bit of time to find it in Google, but the GPO in question is:

“User Configuration” – “Administrative Templates” – “Control Panel” – “Prohibit access to the Control Panel”

If you’ve “Enabled” this, then you’re going to run into this issue. However, there are plenty of other ways (such as configuring a Mandatory Profile that doesn’t list the Control Panel, or using the “Show only specified Control Panel applets”) to “limit the potential access to do damage” a given user has.

Just so you know. 🙂


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