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Apple Software Update and Safari

by Eric Stewart on Mar.19, 2008, under Computers, Technology, The Internet

Posting via the Blackberry, so bear with me …

“Apple Software Update” is the “utility” that comes with iTunes that (originally) was used (as far as I knew) to ensure your already installed apps were up-to-date. I have just witnessed it do not preferred behavior …

It is offering to install Safari on an XP workstation. Safari is not yet installed so this would not be a maintenance installation, and not an “update”. There is no way to configure software update (as far as I can tell) to not list uninstalled applications.

This is undesired behavior at best, nefarious at worst. I’ve already got two browsers installed; don’t try to “update” me to a third that is not installed.

Bad Apple! And bad karma to you!


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