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Macs, Active Directory, and Multiple Domains

by on Feb.05, 2010, under Computers, Networking, Technology

A quick blog post to cover something I encountered at work and finally found a solution to.

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Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Active Directory, Canon’s “EOS Digital Solutions Disk”

by on Jul.11, 2008, under Computers, Networking, Technology

This is where we find out that the permissions on Mac’s newest OS don’t always resolve properly for some software. At least we figured it out for you, so that if luck is with you and your Google-Fu is strong, you’ll find this page before going out of your mind.

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“Safely Remove Hardware” – “Operation has been cancelled”

by on Jun.11, 2008, under Computers, Technology

Yo Domain Admins! Safely Removing a flash drive can be difficult if you’ve mucked around with your GPOs. Read on for a pointer or two.

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Gnome, Winbind (Samba), and Wierd Characters

by on May.29, 2008, under Computers, Networking, Technology

Sometimes programmers are pretty sharp and ensure that their code covers all possibilities as far as unusual characters are concerned. Sometimes … well, they don’t even cover all of the possibilities for the not that unusual …

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