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A Day With The iPhone 5

by on Sep.22, 2012, under Cell Phones & Providers, Technology

Yeah, I’ve drank the Koolaid. But as one of the smartest people I know said, “I drank the Koolaid and I feel fine.” I woke up at 3am on September 14th to preorder the iPhone 5, since my wife and I were both eligible for upgrades to our Samsung Epic 4G phones. We decided to make the jump. Here’s my experience so far.

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Google+: GREAT! But Your Timing Sucks

by on Oct.29, 2011, under Technology, The Internet

Google has finally produced a full-blown social networking product that could give Facebook a run for its money. Thing is, no matter how much better it is than Facebook, it’s an uphill battle in my opinion. Here’s my justifications. The short summary? “Aw man, I *just* got my mother onto Facebook and now something better comes along … “

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“can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server”

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Cell Phones & Providers, Networking, Technology, The Internet

My university/soon to be former employer has their student (or former student) email run by Google. When attempting to add my GMail account as a second account on my Samsung Epic, I would get this error. Read on for my solution and pointers …

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Google Voice has gone public

by on Jun.23, 2010, under Cell Phones & Providers, Networking, Technology

A quickie blog post about Google Voice, a service where Google provides you the ability to read your voice mail or ring multiple numbers from one phone number.

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Thoughts on Google Buzz

by on Feb.13, 2010, under Technology, The Internet

Google has added a social networking application to GMail, called “Buzz”. Here are some of my thoughts on it.

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RSS Feeds

by on May.16, 2009, under Technology, The Internet

The blog software this site uses included an RSS feed, and I added RSS feeds for the SCUBA and Gallery sites. I go over RSS feeds and their use, and my experiences involved in developing my own. Portions of the article (particularly near the end) will touch on some of the more technical parts to website development.

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