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Apple Software Update and Safari

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Computers, Technology, The Internet

“Apple Software Update” originally offered new installations of “Safari” on Windows systems as an “update”.

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Quickie – VMWare Fusion vs Parallels Desktop

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Computers, Technology

Both are packages that allow you to run Windows (or other x86 operating systems) on top of Mac OS (assuming you’re using a newer Intel based Mac). I’m a long time user of Parallels Desktop, but I’ve recently switched to VMWare Fusion (and am hoping that work will pony up the $40 to get me […]

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“Firefox is already running, but is not responding.”

by on Mar.10, 2008, under Computers, Technology

A problem I’m seeing more and more at work is reports that people are attempting to start Firefox and seeing the error message: Firefox is already running, but is not responding. Along with suggestions about it. Now, hopefully you’ve been a good little tech and googled this error message, and tried all of the other […]

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XP, Vista, Dual Booting: My Experiences/Solution

by on Mar.03, 2008, under Computers, Technology

For those of you who dual boot Vista for one reason or another, you might be running into issues with getting XP or Vista to boot properly, depending on your configuration. There’s a lot of information out there regarding how you get it all working properly. The key is getting Vista’s boot manager to provide […]

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