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Synergy Secured With Cygwin SSHD on Windows 7, Part 2: Linux As The Server

by on Mar.21, 2013, under Networking, Technology

While my home setup is unlikely to change any time soon, I recently started pondering switching my main workstation at work from Windows 7 to XUbuntu, and making my secondary machine my Windows 7 system. But if Windows 7 is no longer the Synergy server, but a Synergy client, how do you keep the connection secure through SSH? Easy! Keep the Windows box as the SSH server, just change the tunnel direction. Read on for additional details.

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XUbuntu notes

by on Oct.11, 2012, under Computers, Technology

More for myself than anything else, these are the notes I need when doing a fresh install of Xubuntu. I’ve moved my laptop to it at the time of writing this, and plan on moving all of my computers from stock Ubuntu to Xubuntu.

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