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Cisco Live 2017 – A Preview

by Eric Stewart on Apr.19, 2017, under Networking, Technology

I’ve been going to Cisco Live since the 2013 event in Orlando.  It’s always an enjoyable week, learning new things and meeting new people … and even remeeting people from Lives past.  It’s the networking event of the year for me … in multiple definitions of the word.  This year is shaping up to be quite the event!  Cisco Live is in Las Vegas,  June 25 – 29.

Sunday: Ready To Go!

One of the high points for me is always the Tweetups.  This year promises to be no different; the opening Tweetup is scheduled for the usual Sunday at 5:00pm, with the opening photo scheduled for 5:30pm.  There’s usually some food and maybe some drink, possibly even an award of some sort, but mainly, there’s a bunch of Cisco professionals who are more or less active on Twitter getting together face to face and having a good time.  And taking a nice group photo.

Cisco Live, at least for me, has become as much of a social event as it is a learning experience.  This year, there’s a slew of #CLUS social media contests in play.

#CLUS SuperPhoto

Take pictures of your experiences at Cisco Live that illustrate a “moment in time” – something that gives people a view into what Cisco Live is and why it’s so great.  Twitter and Instagram are where the Live personnel will be looking for your photos with the tag #CLUS.  Instagram users in particular should share a “top 10” of their experience – it could lead to winning a Social Pass for Cisco Live 2018!  Cisco Live will also be awarding Amazon gift cards for the best picture of the day.


The last few Cisco Lives I’ve noticed a select attendee or two in a cape.  This year, the winner of the cape for the day will be for the best #CLUS Twitter content.  There will also be special area passes for the Customer Appreciation Event.

Not sure if you’re doing well enough to win either contest?  Well, you should probably make sure you’re on the Leaderboard, where the most prolific Tweeters are shown!

Can’t Get There?

The beautiful thing about social media and Cisco Live is that it’s not that hard to attend remotely.  Hit the Cisco Live website and sign up for an account; webcasts and broadcasts are free.  Send your experiences as a remote attendee out on Twitter or other social media platforms and you might just win an Amazon Gift Card on Thursday.

So … Would You Like To Meet Bruno Mars?

You’re encouraged to tweet with the #CLUS tag when you’ve registered to attend Cisco Live.  This automatically registers you for a chance to meet the band at the Customer Appreciation Event on Wednesday night.

If Twitter isn’t your thing, post on Facebook and you might get to meet the closing Keynote Speaker.  I don’t know who that is yet this year, but they’ll be in good company if the four I’ve seen are anything to go by.  However, Richard Branson, Sal Kahn, Mike Rowe, and Kevin Spacey might be tough acts to follow.

Did I Mention Bruno Mars?

So if you’re following the unfolding events around Cisco Live closer than I have been, you’ll know you can get a personalized photo of Chuck Robbins.  Wait too long, and you’ll have to settle for Bruno Mars, who will be providing the entertainment at the Customer Appreciation Event this year.  The CAE is always a blast with good music as well as free food and drink.  It is the party of the week, and could lead to you missing your morning session.  But then, it’s Vegas.

Custom LEGO Minifigs Available

This year’s theme is “You’re IT”.  The Cisco Store will have a variety of merchandise, not the least of which will be four Cisco Live minifigs:

It’s Not Just Fun And Games And Learning

Every Cisco Live, Cisco tries to do something to get the attendees to contribute those less fortunate.  This year, all they want you to do is walk.

Cisco has partnered with Tribal Planet to set up kinetic tiles at Cisco Live. The main activation area will be located in the Bayside Foyer of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  All you have to do is walk over the tiles throughout the week.  Tribal Planet has a downloadable app that allows you to see how much energy you generate as you walk over the tiles in real time.  Every footstep counts and will accumulate towards the overall Cisco Live goal of 1 million steps.  These footsteps will be converted into energy and donated to education in Nepal – directly having an impact on students living in an energy-poor country.  Heck – I’m lazy, introverted, and really not that socially conscious.  But this I can do.

Hope To See You There!

I’m not registered yet, but it’s apparently just a matter of time.  I usually attend a full day Sunday session, and take a red-eye Thursday night to get home.  Hopefully this year it will work out a bit better than last year, because I almost missed being in this photo:

See you there!


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