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Olde World Cheese Shop

by Eric Stewart on Aug.09, 2009, under Food, Life

It doesn’t take much to find out I don’t like cheese, and if you know this, you’re probably wondering why I’d do a review (or even visit) a restaurant with “Cheese” in the name.  I’ve had two visits to this restaurant recently, after probably a four or more year absence – I don’t know why, but just hadn’t gotten around to going there again until very recently.

owcs sandwichWhile I’m told the cream cheeses available at the Old World Cheese Shop are to die for, what they have that I go for are the sandwiches.  All named after things involving the Robin Hood myths, they include a variety of cheeses (if you’re into that sort of thing), meats, breads, and dressings.  This sandwich was a Little John: roast beef, thinly-sliced sweet onion and tomato, topped with our own creamy dressing on pumpernickle.

CIMG0017Here’s a Maid Marion: turkey, ham, crisp bacon, kosher dill pickle, all piled high on an onion roll, then grilled.  It usually comes with Norwegian Fjordland cheese, but of course I opted out of that.

Be careful what you order here – some of the sandwiches can get very big, and you might want to take half home if you get one of the big ones.

So, if you’re interested in something sandwichy but different from your usual burger or sub, I suggest you take a run to the Sherwood Forest Shopping Center at 11001 North 56th Street in Temple Terrace, Florida. It’s good lunch-time fare that will put a dent in your hunger.

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