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It’s been a while, and “IHSTS” gets a new home

by Eric Stewart on Apr.21, 2009, under Technology, The Internet

Well, I’ve been converted by the Church Of Facebook, which isn’t into a public sharing of faith as the Church Of MySpace is. Facebook also lacks a good blogging utility.

In addition, my website (you know, where all my stories about SCUBA diving and pictures I take hide out) hadn’t seen a major update from me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been under water (though I’m working on that) and while I’ve taken a few shots here and there, I have been negligent in my posting of the new images.

So, not wanting to lose the ability to espouse my opinions or run at the mouth online (and while I am a Twitterer, I can be quite verbose), I checked my web host‘s set of available software and added WordPress. Don’t quite understand how the archiving would work, I went ahead and fenagled one, as the PHP isn’t all that impossible to figure out.

So, welcome to the new home of Eric’s keyboard vomiting.

EDIT 2009/04/24: Renamed the blog to “Running Off At The Mouth”, because I can and I like that better. “RAOTM” is also something that seems more pronounceable.


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